Fishing bass tournaments for over twenty years on both the local and national level, J. D. Huffman has logged tens of thousands of miles towing his boat and gear. “I always worry”, says J.D., “about the person following me. Does that driver following me realize how far back the end of that motor really is from the taillights on my trailer?” Talking with other fishermen, who towed their boats to all of these tournaments, J.D. got the same feedback; they confirmed his thoughts and worries.

“The last time I was, shall we say, tapped, in the rear by a not-so-careful driver, I was only ten miles from home, headed to a bass tournament classic. Luckily, the driver had insurance and the repairs were covered.” says J. D., but what about the time spent getting the boat to and from the marine dealer or the down time without the boat? “No one paid me for the missed tournaments or the eight trips back to the dealer to get the brakes on the trailer fixed correctly”, J. D. laments.

The fact is, most rear-end collisions are nothing more than “taps”, but these “taps” can damage your motor; your boat; your trailer; your towing vehicle; or, any or all of these. Why not just eliminate the problem – put a light at the extreme end of the towed boat and help the following motorist know where the real end of your rig is. This is where the American Made PropLite™ can really make a difference. Doesn’t it just make good common sense to protect your investment by using the PropLite™? We think so and we’re betting you do too!


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